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Showing Your Home

Be ready to show at all times

It is common to have same-day and last-minute requests for showing your home. As a result, you should always be ready for a showing. Keep the home organized and clean. Tell the kids to put their toys away when they are done playing and make sure you don't let those dishes pile up.

Keep it flexible

Most REALTORS do try to arrive within the scheduled showing time, but not always. They may get stuck in traffic, or the house they saw prior to your showing took longer than expected. It happens, and sometimes it happens too late to be fixed by a phone call.

If this happens you may want to stay away from home a little longer than you think is necessary, just to make sure you don't interrupt a showing.

Control the pets

Pets should be out of the house during showings, especially large dogs (people are afraid of them). A gruff bark coming from inside the house is enough to make some home buyers turn around at the front door.

Most people are not aware of odors in their own home, such as those from a pet, be sure to keep the pets outside or in a controlled area, or use an air purifier or freshener. In addition to eliminating undesirable odors, it is good to think about make things positive. For example, bake some cookies or bread, simmer a pot of apple cider and cinnamon on the stove, or light a few scented candles. Don't over do it.

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