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A Good First Impression Helps Sell Your House

The first impression is everything, especially when buying a house. Painting a house is one of the quickest ways to enhance that first impressions. Fresh paint gives your house a clean, bright, and inviting look. Painting should include both the exterior and interior. Do what you can afford.

Sellers shouldn't take curb appeal lightly. Buyers are doing their homework and are looking at the exterior of houses before they contact REALTORS. The exterior is the first criteria they use to judge your house.

  • Use contemporary neutral colors. When painting the exterior, make sure the color blends with the neighborhood. Whites, creams, or neutrals work better because they appeal to the greatest number of people.
  • Prepare surfaces for painting including patching and repairing any necessary damage and washing all dirt away.
  • Mention the new paint in any advertisments, flyers, and online descriptions of your house. Include the date the paint job was completed.

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